Molecular Geometry Analysis of Glyceryl Tripalmitate


  • Fernando Nainggolan Politeknik Teknologi Kimia Industri


DFT, Glyceryl tripalmitate, 6-31G, B3LYP


Analysis of the structure of organic molecules can be carried out through computational quantum chemistry. In this study, I carried out quantum chemistry calculations using the density functional method to study the properties of the glyceryl tripalmitate molecule. DFT calculations were calculated using the hybrid function B3LYP at 6-31G* level. The geometric structure of the glyceryl tripalmitate molecule has an energy gap of 7.638 eV. The wavelength absorption that occurs in the glyceryl tripalmitate molecule is in the 165 nm and 208 nm region with electronic excitation contributing to π to π* orbital interactions.

Keywords: DFT, Glyceryl tripalmitate, B3LYP, 6-31G*


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